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  Friday, October 19, 2018  
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Welcome to BCBA Basketball

As we start our 33rd season of basketball, We start on a sad note. Jim Bahan, Chairman of the Rules Committee for almost 32 years died on Thanksgiving Day November 23,2016, just after the start of the season. Jim was very instramental in the 32 years of success of BCBA Basketball. As President, many times I had gone to Jim for advise on a BCBA issue.  He was the calming factor in BCBA. He will TRULY be missed.

On a Personal note, I have and will continue to miss Jim. He was a personal and very dear friend. The world is a little less brighter now.

So, we start our 33rd BCBA Basketball season on the shoulders of Jim Bahan and last season's big success. I would like every participant of BCBA, PARs, Coaches, players, parents and fans on November 11th the start of the season, at 1pm to stop what they are doing for 1 minute of silence to honor one of the best, a coaches coach Jim Bahan. BCBA changed the name of the SubNovice Division to the JIM BAHAN Division

We welcome Parishes from seasons past and this season. BCBA thanks the PARs and Coaches who do a terrific job with their teams. They deserve a lot of credit for volunteering their time to teach the game of basketball to the children of our community.

One of BCBA's tasks is to ensure children learn the game of basketball while having fun and observing and respecting the rules of the game and the league.

Good Luck to all our PARs, Coaches, Players and Parents. Have a rewarding and safe season!


2017-2018 Rules of Competition

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